Project 677

Project 677 submarine belongs to the fourth generation of Russian non-nuclear submarines. The boat can effectively solve all the tasks which modern conventional submarines are assigned with, both in littoral and blue water areas:

  • Anti-submarine warfare in SSK role,
  • Anti-ship warfare, destruction of fixed marine structures,
  • Mine release,
  • Transportation, release, and recovery of special forces,
  • Reconnaissance.

The submarine incorporated the latest solutions in shipbuilding and engineering; in the course of development, Russia's defence research and production companies had done over 200 R&D works to make efficient, small-size, low-noise up-to-date electronic warfare systems, new high-precision weapons and ship equipment with minimum power consumption.

Compared to non-nuclear submarines of the previous generation, Project 677 has specific features as below:

  • sea targets can be reached with missile salvos;
  • the submarine is fitted with enhanced sensor systems as compared to Project 877;
  • the submarine, her combat and technical facilities and weapons are controlled with the integrated automated system;
  • low-noise targets can be detected at a great range with a new state-of-the-art quasi-conform  large-area array;
  • masts (except for the attack periscope) do not penetrate the pressure hull;
  • the hull has new generation anti-sonar coating.