Nuclear-Powered Ballistic Missile Submarines

Since 1956, Rubin's research and engineering personnel have had the leading role in concept, research and technical design in the program which produced about 100 strategic submarine cruisers.

Missile-carrying submarines were consistently modified mainly due to new missile systems, which promoted steady improvement of submarines' tactical and technical characteristics such as missile range, weaponry, firing accuracy, missile defence penetration capabilities, etc.

The first generation of nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarines – Project 658 (Hotel) – was constructed to the design of Rubin in 1960-1964.

Subsequently, nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarines known as Project 667A (Yankee), Project 667B (Delta I), Project 667BD (Delta II), Project 667BDR (Delta III), Project 667BDRM (Delta IV) were built to Rubin's designs.

Based on the previous experience, the team of Rubin jointly with other companies solved the challenging problem of producing the Typhoon seagoing strategic system on the basis of the third generation heavy nuclear underwater cruiser - Project 941 (Typhoon) - armed with solid-propellant multiple warhead ballistic missiles.

A great number of large-size missiles on board as well as the submarine length and draft limited by operating requirements called for a new design with a large reserve buoyancy. The new architecture made it possible to achieve unrivalled parameters for reliability, damage control, manoeuvrability and habitability at the same time. Remote automated control of the boat and her equipment was introduced, while living and service spaces were expanded to improve service and living conditions.

For the boat production, Rubin and PO «Sevmash» (Severodvinsk) introduced an innovative aggregate-and-modular method of construction. Subsequently it was widely adopted in shipbuilding.

For over 50 years of construction of nuclear-powered missile submarines a remarkable progress has been achieved in their technical level and efficiency.

Currently, a series of strategic missile submarine cruisers of the fourth generation - Project 955 designed by Rubin - is under construction at PO "Sevmash". The submarines will make the basis of the marine component of Russian strategic nuclear forces in the 21st century.