Company Profile

The Joint-Stock Company “Central Design Bureau for Marine Engineering “Rubin” is the largest in Russia among marine engineering companies offering design services.

Since its start in 1901, the Company activities have inseparably been linked with national defence, with over 85 % of submarines in the Soviet and later Russian Navy built to the designs of CDB ME “Rubin”, including several generations of strategic missile cruiser submarines.

Non-nuclear submarines designed by Rubin have become a significant component in the Russian naval export and enabled Russia to secure its position in this sector of international arms trade.

The experience with civil advanced-technology facilities was gained as a result of the diversification in the 1990s. Nowadays, Rubin is the leading company in the United Shipbuilding Corporation to design the facilities for offshore oil and gas field development.

Key areas of our expertise are:

  • design of all classes of submarines
  • construction of marine robotic systems
  • design of marine structures for various applications
  • production of training means and facilities for various applications
  • supervision, maintenance and retrofitting for objects designed by Rubin
  • design, production, testing and supplies of prototypes and production samples of onboard equipment