2011 to Present Time


Floating gate system to stop water flowing back to the Neva Bay during floods was commissioned as part of St. Petersburg Flood Protection Barrier. There are two buoyant wings on either side of the navigation pass, which close the pass (main navigation channel) under the thread of flood. Floating gates were designed at CDB ME Rubin, Chief Designer: V.A. Chernetsov.

Navigation Pass of St. Petersburg Flood Protection Barrier
Floating Gates at the Navigation Pass of St. Petersburg Flood Protection Barrier
V.A. Chernetsov


Annual meeting of CDB ME "Rubin" shareholders elected I.V.Vilnit Director General on June 29, 2012.

I.V. Vilnit

The Certificate of Acceptance of the Yuri Dolgorukiy missile nuclear submarine cruiser, the first ship of Project 955 series designed by Rubin, was signed. The project started under the leadership of General Designer of the heavy missile submarine cruisers, Academician of the Russian Academy of Science S.N. Kovalev; he brought up a wide group of able shipbuilding engineers. Among them was V.A. Zdornov, who had an important role in basic decision-making to shape the integrated plan for producing missile-carrying submarines. V.A. Zdornov managed the development of architectural outlines and principle particulars of the submarine, and best design solutions engineered. Key engineering decisions were made with direct involvement of Academician I.D. Spassky. Since 2007, the project has developed under the guidance of Chief Designer S.O. Sukhanov.  

The Yuri Dolgorukiy missile nuclear submarine cruiser, Project 955
S.N. Kovalev
V.A. Zdornov
I.D. Spassky
S.O. Sukhanov

The first in the world offshore ice resistant fixed platform, Prirazlomnaya, was commissioned. The Rubin design bureau participated in the engineering process. Chief Designers: A.R. Gintovt, E.E. Toropov (from 2009).

OIRFP "Prirazlomnaya"
A.R. Gintovt
E.E. Toropov


Defence Minister of the Russian Federation, Army General S.K. Shoygu visited the premises of CDB ME Rubin. The head of the military office was introduced to the progress in the works within the State Defence Order and presented the Ministerial awards to the engineers involved in the production of weapons and marine vehicles and facilities.


The Novorossiisk, first submarine of conventional Project 636.3 designed by Rubin was commissioned to the Russian Navy. Chief Designer: I.B. Molchanov.

Project 636.3
I.B. Molchanov