Human Resources

Human resources are the main driving force for Rubin to maintain its position among the leaders in the design of submarines and other hi-tech engineering products.

The company regards the personnel as its capital asset which is constantly increased in the production process, where training, qualification improvement and professional development are the most efficient investments to enhance the company's potential.

Our HR strategies are aimed at ensuring continuity with Rubin's design tradition. The company maintains the best ratio of experienced highly qualified specialists to young engineers. To benefit from the experience gained, and from the intellectual capacities and technologies, every year the staff is replenished with graduates from specialised educational institutions. Rubin successfully cooperates with these institutions in the training process and joint research and engineering projects.

Rubin's Young Specialist Council is responsible adapting post-graduates to the work in the company and urging their professional improvement by developing research activities and involving young specialists into the work process and career building.

Capabilities are analysed and careers are planned individually with the system which ensures professional development as well career progress.

Rubin promotes development and support for high research and engineering capacity of the staff. More than a hundred people in the company have academic titles; there is an Engineering Research Committee and Dissertation Committee at the company.

The social strategy in the company is aimed at:

  • social protection for in-house staff, prospective retirees and also for young families and their children;
  • health promotion to reduce downtime ;
  • support of  national top-priority projects and implementation of those on equity financing basis.