Information Technologies

In Rubin, we use an integrated computer-aided design system, which ensures

  • use of 3D modeling in military and civil engineering;
  • comprehensive analysis for designed objects;
  • production of necessary documents at any design stage;
  • transfer of deliverables in electronic form.

Depending on the scope of work set by a client, the design process can be either independent or done in the integrated information environment - "distributed office" - together with numerous partners, Russian and international alike.

Rubin produces electronic manuals and IT support for the maintenance of designed objects in both military and civil fields.

Engineering design in the company backed with powerful computing facilities, well-developed infrastructure, state-of-the-art software including tailor-made in-house programs is capable of producing engineering objects with desired degree of complexity.

Within the framework of the Federal program to develop marine engineering for 2009 – 2016, Rubin established the IT centre for the design of offshore oil and gas facilities.