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Magadan has been commissioned by the Russian Navy

The ceremony of raising the Russian naval ensign and commissioning by the Russian Navy the Magadan submarine took place October 12 at the Admiralty shipyards. Magadan is the third boat in a batch of submarines developed by Rubin Design Bureau and together with her sister boats is destined for the Pacific Fleet.

Rubin's specialists, in cooperation with the shipyard and the State Acceptance Commission, ensured the successful completion of the trials. The submarine has confirmed all declared parameters.

The keel-laying ceremony for Magadan took place November 1, 2019. The ship was launched March 26, 2021. The first two submarines of the batch, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and Volkhov, were delivered to the Russian Navy in 2019 and 2020 respectively (their keels were laid in 2017).

Fast-paced construction has been ensured by well-coordinated work of the designer, the shipyard and carefully orchestrated team of suppliers. Rubin's specialists provide supervision and in-service support for the ships of the Navy.

Magadan is the 72nd submarine of the Kilo class, which includes Pr. 877, Pr.636 and their modifications. All ships of the class have been delivered to customers on contract schedule, due to prompt and effective responses to all challenges.

The design is inherently future-proof and have margins for gradual modernization, increasing submarine's stealth, detection capabilities, operating safety and overall combat effectiveness. The construction period of a Pr. 636 submarine, including trials, is about 3 years.