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Model of ROV-WC KIT-3000 is presented at the Army 2022

Model of Remotely Operated Unmanned Underwater Work Class Vehicle KIT-3000 ("Whale") is demonstrated at the Army 2022 show. The vehicle is designed for various underwater works, such as offshore trunk line laying and maintenance.

KIT-3000 can be launched from diverse vessels and offshore drill units. The vehicle is capable of inspecting subsea wells, pipelines and valves, and it can detect and rectify defects, install and control subsea equipment at a depth of up to three thousand meters.

The vehicle is equipped with a set of manipulators, attachments, tools and a basket for transportation of collected samples.

The UUV operates automatically to the maximum extent possible. The operator intervenes occasionally to help maintain the specified depth or course, distance to the seabed and ensure dynamic positioning of the vehicle.

KIT-3000 is provided with an advanced computer vision system that includes HD video cameras and superpower LED lights. This helps the operator to work with high precision under low-light conditions of deep seas. Weight of the vehicle is five tons, which is in line with similar vehicles of the same class. The whole system can be easily transported, as the dimension of all its components in transport position does not exceed dimensions of a standard 20-foot container.

The vehicle has been fully developed in 3D simulation environment, which significantly simplifies its manufacture. The load-carrying structures are made of stainless steel that is readily available at the market. Foundations of pressure-proof containers are made of plastics and composite materials thus reducing the overall weight of the vehicle. Combination of steels, plastics and composite materials of this robotic system makes it easy to manufacture.