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Ninetieth Anniversary of Igor Spassky, Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences

St. Petersburg, 2nd August. Igor Spassky, Chief of research works at Rubin Design Bureau, Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, is 90 years old today. He ran Rubin Design Bureau during 33 years, from 1974 to 2007.

Igor Spassky was born in Noginsk, Moscow Region on 2 August, 1926. He graduated from the Dzerzhinsky Higher Naval Engineering School in 1949 with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. In 1950 he started working on the development of nuclear-powered submarines, first at St. Petersburg Marine Engineering Bureau Malachite and in 1954 he joined Rubin Design Bureau.

In 1956, he occupied a position of Rubin Deputy Chief Engineer and in 1968 he became the Chief Engineer. From 1974 to 2007, Spassky was CEO Rubin Design Bureau (also General Designer since 1983).

He worked on designing nuclear-powered missile submarines of all generations. Igor Spassky developed a number of fundamental engineering solutions for both high performance and operational safety of submarines and their nuclear power plants.

Under his direction, Rubin Design Bureau designed non-nuclear submarines that are in service with the Russian Navy and are in stable demand at the world market: Project 877 and 877EKM, Project 636, Project 677 (Lada-class).

When Igor Spassky was the Chief Engineer and then CEO Rubin Design Bureau, all in all 187 submarines were constructed (96 nuclear-powered and 91 diesel-electric submarines).

Under the direction of Igor Spassky, Rubin, being a narrow-specialised design bureau, has evolved into a diversified engineering company. Designing of marine equipment for offshore development and other marine structures of civil purpose was begun. In particular, Rubin has designed floating gates for the St. Petersburg flood protection barrier.

In 2007, Igor Spassky left the administration management and focused on the development of marine equipment. At present, he is the Chief of research activities of Rubin Design Bureau.

Igor Spassky is the Hero of Socialist Labour (1978), Doctor of Engineering Science (1978), Professor (1984), full member of the Russian Academy of Sciences (1987, at that time it was the Academy of Sciences of the USSR).

As CEO Rubin, Academician Spassky took part in preservation of cultural heritage objects of St.Petersburg: St. Nicholas Naval Cathedral of the Epiphany, Alexander Pushkin Museum and Memorial Apartment, Literary Cafe (Wolf and Beranger Confectionary). Igor Spassky was in charge of the establishment of the museum ship Narodovolets and the monument "Glory to the Russian Navy" erected in 1996 and dedicated to the 300th anniversary of the Russian Navy.

Academician Spassky was awarded with title "Honorary Citizen of St.Petersburg" in 2002.