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Rubin Design Bureau has created the Centre for Marine Robotics

The Marine Robotics Centre has started its work in Kronstadt, Russia. The facility designs, assembles and tests autonomous unmanned underwater vehicles. The Centre is intended for simultaneous assembly of several extralarge, large, medium and small underwater vehicles.

Rubin has bought out a group of buildings from Kronstadt Marine Plant. Plan to develop a marine robotics centre was approved by the United Shipbuilding Corporation as well as St. Petersburg Administration and a new production was organised in 2017-2021 on the area of 6000 sq. metres. Arrangement of the production and test facilities on the same premises will considerably reduce time and resource expenditures. The project is being implemented from Rubin's net worth.

The Marine Robotics Centre comprises three manufacturing areas including two assembly jigs, as well as testing facilities and quality control units. The Centre will employ about 100 designers and production workers. It will also serve the interests of other companies of United Shipbuilding Corporation - robot prototypes can be built to their drawings.

Rubin develops robot-based underwater systems in fully digital environment, which speeds up the computational analysis, reduces concept-to-delivery time and makes it possible to have nearly zero rejects during manufacture and assembly of a vehicle.

Rubin has been working in the filed of underwater robotics for 10 years and has designed and constructed, among others, deep-water vehicle Vityaz-D (for the Advanced Research Foundation) - the world's first UUV that worked in the Mariana Trench, small-class UUV Yunona and a family of small robots Amulet and Talisman. Rubin has also designed unmanned underwater gliders and a complex for under-ice seismic surveys.