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Rubin Design Bureau demonstrates Research Underwater Vehicle Klavesin-2R

Mid-size research autonomous unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV) Klavesin-2R is demonstrated by Rubin Design Bureau at the Army 2022 show. Klavesin-2R is designed for ocean exploration, oceanographic and geological survey at the ocean bottom. The vehicle can be used in any area of the World Ocean: littoral and sea areas as well as ocean zones. The development has been performed under the authority of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation. Klavesin-2R is a four-ton deep-sea vehicle capable of diving and operating down to about six thousand meters. It features high sea endurance, operational range is not less than 150 km.

UUV Klavesin-2R can perform seabed surveys and automatic exploration of the object of interest by its digital photosystem. It records the information that can be later played back and processed by the operator on-board its carrier vessel. The vehicle is fully autonomous but, if need be, remote control can also be initiated through a hydroacoustic channel. Once the mission is completed, it surfaces in the designated area, establishes its position and communicates it to the carrier vessel. For ecological monitoring, Klavesin-2R measures water temperature, pressure and sound velocity within the range of its diving depth.

The vehicle has been developed and manufactured by Rubin Design Bureau using 3D simulation environment. Rubin fully develops its robotic underwater systems in a digital environment, which speeds up calculations, reduces concept-to-delivery time and makes it possible to avoid nearly all rejects during manufacture and assembly of the vehicle. In February 2022, Rubin Design Bureau launched its Centre for Marine Robotics in the town of Kronstadt. This production facility is intended for simultaneous assembly of several extra large, large, medium and small underwater vehicles.