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Rubin presents a compact all-electric submarine with high endurance

Rubin Design Bureau unveils a fully electric submarine with the displacement about 600 tones at the Army 2022 show. The project of the single-hull ship named Amur e600 belongs to the Amur class. The new design differs from other members of Amur class by its main power source: a high-capacity Li-Ion battery, complemented only by a small backup diesel-generator.

Main features of the design are compact dimensions and high underwater endurance. Submarine can stay underwater for 14-17 days at 4 knots without snorkeling, being on par with much larger AIP-equipped submarines. Amur e600 range is about 1500 miles. The project is a real concentration of energy-efficient solutions; the most prominent one is its sailless design, contributing to drag reduction.

Huge capacity of modern Li-Ion batteries allows submarine to operate at any tactically advantageous speed within the total battery capability. Lacking the noisy battery charge mode, Amur 600e is ideal for ambushes in narrows and at barriers; as well as for reconnaissance or Special Forces delivery. The weaponry onboard is sufficient for defeating single targets or achieving a mission-kill at least. A lock-out chamber is installed to launch and recover Special Forces.

Owing to all these features, Amur e600 is well suited for enclosed and littoral seas. Even a possibility to meet this submarine will deter opposition and hinder amphibious, mining and other hostile operations. Amur e600 perfectly fits the modern network-centric operations: stealth contributes to the submarine's capability to target coordinated strikes of coastal and airborne assets.

Unlike AIP boats, the submarine is logistics-friendly, as she does not need refueling with chemical reagents, which reduces cost of ownership. Further development of battery technologies will allow Amur e600 to acquire new capabilities: to increase the payload, cruising range and other parameters.