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Rubin presents its projects at IMDS’23

Rubin Design Bureau takes part in International Maritime Defence Show in St. Petersburg within the United Shipbuilding Corporation display June 21-25. Two projects of advanced non-nuclear submarines are demonstrated at the show and a new version of remotely operated underwater vehicle Talisman-2 will be exhibited for the first time.


Pr. Amur 1650

It is created on the basis of Lada Project, serial construction of the same for the Russian Navy is now in progress. Amur 1650 is a conventional ocean-going submarine with high combat and stealth capabilities.

Missile-torpedo weapon complex allows strikes against surface, underwater and shore targets at considerable distance with high accuracy. It solves deterrence tasks and takes effective countermeasures against adversaries.

Due to its high stealth capabilities, Amur 1650 has advantages during reconnaissance and in duel situations. The same is ensured by external anti-sonar coating, hull lines and low-noise ship systems.

The project can be designed in set with Li-Ion battery and AIP plant that allows to significantly increase the cruising range. Amur 1650 can be also fitted with vertical launchers for Club-S cruise missiles or vertical launchers for BrahMos supersonic missiles (as an example of capability for integration of large foreign-made systems).


Pr. Amur 950

It is based on the same solutions as Amur 1650 but its displacement is significantly less. Due to this, it has an advantage over similar class submarines with respect to "efficiency vs cost" criterion.

In addition to torpedo tubes, the boat can carry vertical launchers for Club-S missile complex. Due to its weapons, relatively small Amur 950 can pose a considerable threat for both sea and shore-based targets.

Along with Amur 1650, this project features high modernization margin and can be customized to meet Customer's requirements.


Remotely Operated Unmanned Underwater Vehicle Talisman 2

This new representative from the family of remotely operated vehicles is demonstrated for the first time.

Midget ROV Talisman-2 weighing 24 kg is designed for inspection operations at depths up to 70 metres. It is equipped with video system comprising four video cameras: two video cameras looking forward, one bottom and one aft video camera. Lighting system, all-round scan sonar and up to 100-metre cable length allow to obtain detailed information about underwater world. The vehicle is equipped with altimeter and manipulator. A sampling device, a set of additional lightings or any other special equipment can be attached to the vehicle frame. ROV can operate underwater continuously up to 4 hours.