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The BOSS: New Look, New Features

Rubin presents the second version of BOSS patrol ship that combines the benefits of a submarine and a surface patrol ship. It is the largest version with 72 m length and surface displacement about 1300 t. Large dimensions bring more capabilities. New lines with wave-piercing bow and tumblehome hull reduce roll, make ship more stable weapon platform and reduce radar signature as well. Sonar array in bow bulb works in better conditions and the bulb itself reduces surface drag. High-power propulsion system allows speed up to 21 kt.

This version is maximally armed with autocannon, two guided-missile launchers and four 324 mm torpedo tubes. Such weapon package makes BOSS a formidable enemy for even much larger ships. As in other versions, this ship has two pressure-proof multifunctional hangars for boarding teams boats and equipment, unmanned aerial vehicles or other payload. Both radar and sonar can be used for search and target acquisition, allowing discreet detection and approach.

The ship can be used in anti-submarine exercises and training of crews for classical submarines. The cruising range is up to 4000 miles at 10 kt, and can be increased on Customer's request.

As military budgets decrease due to pandemia and its consequences, Navies' demand shifts to multifunctional ships. Our response to this challenge is a combination of surface and underwater capabilities in the BOSS project. Due to such synthesis the ship intended for peacetime use retains its relevance as a combat unit in case of a conflict escalation. Moreover, the diving capability allows BOSS to fulfill typical patrol duties in its own innovative ways, some of this ways being cheaper and simpler.

The BOSS project is developed as adaptable, its modifications and variable characteristics allow to offer the ship that corresponds to the Customer's needs, conditions and capabilities to the maximum eхtent.