Project 636

The submarine of project 636 is the further development of project 877 EKM submarine.

While designing a submarine of project 636, Rubin made use of the multi-year operation experience of Projects I641, I641K as well as 877EKM, nowadays operated by navies of a number of countries in various regions and climates worldwide.

Retaining all qualities of 877 EKM submarines, Project 636 boats surpass them in the following parameters:

  • Diesel generator capacity;
  • Full submerged speed;
  • Snorkelling range;
  • Acoustic stealth.

The Project 636 submarine entirely meets the requirements to the submarines of this class in terms of endurance, stealth, automation, combat readiness and other parameters. The submarine can perform all the tasks which modern conventional submarines are assigned with, both in littoral and blue water areas.


Project 636 submarine data sheet