Project 877

Project 877 of diesel-electric submarines is one of the most successful projects in the class throughout the history of submarine construction.

The development of the project began in 1974 under the supervision of Chief Designer / General Designer Yuriy Kormilitsin. Submarine designers succeeded in making a state-of-the art diesel-electric submarine significantly superior to the previous class submarines in terms of key parameters; stealth being in the first place.

The Project accumulated the operating experience of two generations of Russian diesel-electric submarines designed after World War II as well as the latest achievements in science and technology accomplished by the moment the Project was in the development.

Key features of the 877 project submarine compared to submarines of the previous generation:

  • an optimised shape of the hull
  • more efficient radio electronic weaponry
  • an ability to combat air targets
  • a full-electric propulsion power plant
  • a single-shaft propulsion system
  • a more powerful battery
  • low-noise equipment
  • anechoic coating of the hull
  • a reserve propulsion system
  • significantly improved habitability characteristics

Design solutions allowed to provide:

  • a significant improvement of acoustic stealth
  • an increase in full submerged speed and submerged cruising range
  • high manoeuvrability characteristics
  • a balanced combination of automatic and manual operations

High operating characteristics of Project 877 have brought it among the leaders in its class. This project has become the basis for several series of submarines totalling to 75 boats for the Russian Navy and Navies of other countries.