Amur 950

Compared to Kilo class submarines and the Amur 1650 submarine, the Amur 950 has a smaller displacement. The special feature of the submarine is 10 universal vertical Club S missile launchers which enables her to fire a ten- cruise missile salvo against sea- and land-based targets in no longer than 2 minutes. Small-size acoustic counteraction devices provided for self-defence are located in the launchers in the boat superstructure.

Integrated combat control system with state-of-the-art electronic subsystems makes it possible to solve all tactical tasks which modern conventional submarines can be faced with. Relatively small displacement of the Amur 950 gives to the boat the advantage over similar class submarines in efficiency against cost.

Acoustic signature of the Amur 950 submarine is several times less compared to Kilo class submarines which are currently considered to be the most silent in the world. The submarine is equipped with electronic warfare systems of new generation based on the recent hi-tech solutions.

The provision is made for the boat to be fitted with an air-independent propulsion plant with electrochemical generators to considerably increase submerged endurance and cruising range. The plant with stock of reagents is located in a special compartment module, which can be incorporated into the submarine during construction or repair / refit.

The submarine can be operated in any oceanic area, except for the regions with extensive ice fields, at any weather, and in shallow and deep waters.

For the submarine, the equipment and weapons of Russian production, as well as by the Customer country, or by other countries can be used.


Amur 950 submarine data sheet