Project 955

Project 955 strategic missile submarine cruisers belong to the 4th generation of the Russian nuclear submarines and are rather superior to the previous generation strategic missile submarines in terms of their tactic and technical characteristics.

Special features of the project are as follows:

  • significantly increased acoustic stealth
  • advanced radioelectronic weaponry
  • improved operating performance
  • the "Bulava" submarine missile complex
  • equipment of domestic manufacture

The development of the Project started in the mid-80s under the supervision of Sergey N. Kovalev, the General Designer for strategic missile submarine cruisers and Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, who brought up a whole group of gifted shipbuilding engineers. Among them is the General Designer Vladimir A. Zdornov who played an important role in making fundamental organisational decisions for shaping a comprehensive dedicated program of the production of missile submarines, development of architectural configuration and layout of the submarine, implementation of optimal design and technical solutions. The Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Igor D. Spasskiy (at that period he was the General Designer and the Chief of the CDB ME "Rubin") directly participated in making key engineering decisions for the creation of the submarine. From 2007, General Designer Sergei O. Sukhanov has been the Head of the Project.

One of the most important design and technical solutions implemented in the Project, which envisaged the creation of the submarine at the critical period in Russian history at the turn of the century were the achievements in the design of hull structures and equipment of the 3d Generation submarines; this decision was initiated by Igor V. Vilnit.

Project 955 strategic missile submarine cruisers make a crucial maritime component of the Russian strategic nuclear forces, which guarantee global security of the country and its allies.