Project 955A

Project 955A, the strategic missile submarine cruiser is the advanced successor of Project 955.

Major advantages of the cruiser vs the basic design are:

  • advanced underwater and surface surveillance, communication, navigation and submarine control complexes
  • improved manoeuvring characteristics
  • enhanced nuclear safety and improved operational characteristics of the main power plant
  • enhanced fire safety
  • improved habitability characteristics
  • a wider margin for further improvements during serial construction

The development of Project 955A strategic missile submarine cruiser set off in 2003, the time when pre-design studies of the platform started in CDB ME "Rubin". Those were based on the experience gained in the process of construction and sea-trials of Project 955 submarine cruisers. It all resulted in the elaboration of proposals on the improvement of Project's characteristics due to the introduction of new technical solutions: modernization of equipment, reduction of physical field levels, enhancing of safety, etc.

The basis of the design was established with active involvement of Sergei N. Kovalev, General Designer of strategic missile submarine cruisers, under the leadership of Vladimir A. Zdornov, General Designer. Key organizational decisions on platform construction were made with direct participation of Igor D. Spasskiy, an Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences. From 2007, Sergei O.Sukhanov became Chief Designer (later General Designer) of the Project.

The development of the lead submarine cruiser based on the innovative design was successfully completed in 2020. The most important role in the achievement belongs to the team of CDB ME "Rubin" under the leadership of Igor.V.Vilnit.

Strategic missile submarine cruisers of Project 955А make highly efficient means of strategic deterrence to serve the interests of ensuring the global security of the Russian Federation and its allies.