Project 636 with Club-S complex

Project 636 submarines with Club-S missile complex are advanced successors of Project 877EKM submarines. Chief Designer / General Designer is Yuri Kormilitsin, since 2012 - Igor Molchanov.

Having preserved all the merits of their predecessors, Project 636 submarines possess a number of advantages including:

  • missile weapons ensuring missile salvo attacks against sea and land targets
  • target detection at distances that exceed enemy's capabilities
  • electronic equipment keeping the boat operational throughout its life cycle
  • the system of informational support for the Command personnel for basic routine operations of the submarine and for taking rational decisions during damage control

Project 636 submarines with "Club-S" complex are fitted with:

  • a missile complex with cruise missiles for land attacks, and anti-ship cruise missiles, both torpedo tube-launched
  • an advanced compact inertial navigational complex ensuring navigation and application of weapons without surfacing for 24 hours
  • an advanced automated informational control system providing control of weapons of all types, torpedo tubes as well as solving of all information and commanding tasks
  • an advanced radio communication suite
  • a sonar suite with digital signal processing which is also capable of resolving tasks on mine detection, target classification and underwater communication
  • a periscope complex with an optronic mast of non-penetrating type
  • a storage battery with extended life

Customer-made weapons and equipment can be fitted onboard if data for studies towards deployment and compatibility with ship's systems is provided.

Project 636 submarines with Club-S complex are capable of resolving a wide range of tasks both in littoral and blue-water areas, and of attacking land-based targets. These submarines are among the leaders in their class with regard to combat capacities, stealth and damage control.