Project 877EKM

Project 877EKM submarines are designed for foreign customers on the basis of Project 877. Chief Designer / General Designer of the Project is Yuriy Kormilitsin.

In the course of Project 877EKM development, years-long operating experience of previous generation submarines and Project 877 in different regions worldwide has been taken into account.

During upgrade, combat efficiency of Project 877EKM submarines can be enhanced by equipping a submarine with:

  • a missile weaponry complex to launch cruise missiles from torpedo tubes
  • an inertial navigational complex for navigation and weapon use without surfacing for 24 hours
  • an automated information control system to control weapons of all types, torpedo tubes, and to solve all information and commanding tasks.

Project 877EKM submarines with the Club-S complex have won rightful recognition in the global market. Their ability to solve a large range of tasks in littoral and blue-water areas significantly enhances capability of Customer countries' Navies.