Project Amur 1650

The project Amur 1650 submarine is based on Project 677, with requirements from foreign customers taken into account. The Project has been developed under the direction of Chief Designer Yuri Kormilitsin.

The project accumulates newest achievements in shipbuilding and naval engineering accomplished in developing Project 677 for the Russian Navy. The Amur 1650 submarine is fitted with the equipment and systems meant for Project 677 in export outfitting.

Key features of the Amur 1650 submarine compared to conventional submarines of the previous generation:

  • a single-hull architecture and significantly smaller displacement
  • an Integrated Automated Combat Control System to enhance the automation of submarine control and weapon use
  • a capability to make a missile salvo from all torpedo tubes against sea and stationary land targets
  • an increased range of target detection by a sonar suite with a large-area conformal array and digital signal processing
  • a significantly higher stealth capability due to lower signature
  • an option of using an air-independent propulsion plant to significantly enhance underwater endurance
  • considerably extended submerged operating range
  • an electric propulsion system based on Variable Speed Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor
  • personnel complement reduced by over 30%

Main advantages of the Amur 1650 submarine:

  • noise level twice as low compared to export submarines of other manufacturers on the market
  • detection range more than two times higher than that of export submarines of other manufacturers on the market
  • the range of high-precision Club-S missile complex twice as high as compared to export submarines of other manufacturers on the market
  • missiles and torpedoes can be launched from universal torpedo tubes
  • automated weapon loading system enables missile salvo firing from all torpedo tubes with a repeated salvo available in a short time

Amur 1650 submarines can effectively operate both in littoral and blue-water areas to solve the following tasks:

  • anti-surface and anti-submarine warfare
  • support of operations ashore
  • intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance
  • special force and mining ops

Project Amur 1650 features a high modernization potential and can be fitted with the equipment from suppliers selected by the customer.