Project Amur 950

The project has been developed on the basis of technical solutions and equipment selection used for Project Amur 1650, which is an export version of Project 677, under the direction of Chief Designer Yuri Kormilitsin.

The project accumulates newest achievements in shipbuilding and naval engineering.

Key features of Amur-950 submarine compared to conventional submarines of the previous generation:

  • single-hull architecture and significantly smaller displacement
  • an Integrated Automated Combat Control System to enhance automation of submarine control and weapon use
  • a significantly higher stealth capability due to lower signature
  • an electric propulsion system based on Variable Speed Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor
  • a significant reduction in the number of people in the crew

The equipment, mechanisms and systems installed on Amur-1650 Project can be used on Amur-950 submarines.

Being capable of performing similar missions, Amur 950 as compared to Amur 1650, features the following:

  • smaller displacement
  • lower construction cost
  • 50% reduced ship staff
  • lower signature levels
  • lower operational cost

The Amur-950 Submarine is efficient in operations for the destruction of submarines, surface ships, vessels and land objects as well as in reconnaissance missions. The submarine features a high modernization potential and can be fitted with the equipment from suppliers selected by the customer.