Test Facilities

Throughout several decades, Rubin together with Russian shipbuilding and nuclear industry has been involved in the engineering of test and trial facilities by designing nuclear power plants. Also, the company provides support during the plant construction, operation, decommissioning and disposal.

In the mid-20th century our company took part in the production of the two operating nuclear plant prototypes commissioned by the Navy to train submarine crews for the first and second generation nuclear-powered submarines.

Rapid development of the nuclear submarine forces between 1960ies and 1980ies necessitated preliminary trial operation of nuclear plants at full-scale shore-based facilities to run integrated tests and research prior to their serial production. For this, various-purpose test facilities were produced for shipboard nuclear plants of several types:

  • A test facility with a single-block boiling water reactor with natural circulation. The plant was intended as an auxiliary power source onboard diesel electric submarines;
  • A test facility with a pressurised water reactor. The plant tested at the facility became default for all third generation SSNs. Some design solutions for the fourth generation nuclear submarine plants were also tried there;
  • A test facility with a single block reactor with natural coolant circulation within the entire output range. The facility was used for numerous tests at a selection of regimes. Also the studies were done for neutronic and thermohydraulic processes and for water-chemical regimes, and plant regimes and control algorithms were improved.