Subsea Gas Compressor Station

Rubin did the studies for the functional concept of a subsea nuclear gas compressor station to be used on subsea trunklines running from offshore production areas to shore.

The study was done with the account for the results of R&D conducted by Russian defence industry companies for power plants on nuclear submarines and naval ships. The extensive experience with nuclear submarine equipment designed to ensure required strength, reliability and fault tolerance under multiple dynamic overloads was taken into consideration.

The design solutions implemented in the station ensure

  • transportation to the installation site and operation on surface;
  • submersion to the trunkline depth;
  • connection to the trunkline via a trunkline mounting base fitted with mating elements to connect to the platform and trunkline;
  • continuous safe automatic operation on the trunkline, producing / maintaining compression rate of the transferred gas for the required throughput;
  • disconnection from the trunkline and replacement with a similar station in emergency or after the station reaches the end of service life;
  • regular visits of maintenance personnel by an underwater vehicle to check the equipment and replace consumables.

The design concept encompasses systems and equipment for continuous independent operation as well as propulsion systems to manoeuvre the submerged station after a neutral buoyancy is achieved.  Accommodation and service spaces are available for regular visits of the maintenance personnel to the operating station.