AUV Amulet

Autonomous unmanned underwater midget vehicle Amulet is designed for the following missions:

  • Search and research operations
  • Inspection operations (including shallow waters)

Basic features:

  • Compact size and small weight allow for transportation and operations without special crane equipment
  • Deployment from any vessel including small boats and watercraft, offshore facilities and jetties or bare shoreline
  • High speed and manoeuvring parameters
  • Functional independence from the support vessel
  • Control and tracking facilities with an intuitive interface

Standard package includes:

  • Hull structure
  • Power supply system
  • Propulsion and Steering System
  • Onboard program control system
  • Radio communication system
  • Environmental parameters sensing system
  • Computer vision system
  • Storage battery charging system
  • Transportation case

Optional equipment:

  • Payload module to equip the vehicle with additional lighting fixtures with self-contained power source and switching devices

Main Performance Characteristics:

Operating depth, mup to 50
Maximum submerged speed, m/s1.5
Cruising submerged speed, m/s1.0
Maximum range, kmup to 10
Endurance, hr4
Length, m1.3
Diameter, mm160
Weight, kg17.5


AUV Amulet data sheet