AUV system for seismic survey

Seismic survey is an integral part of all stages of development of mineral deposits.

Use of conventional technologies of seismic survey in freezing seas is possible either during a limited ice-free season or under the conditions of relatively light ice with low ice concentration. Sea seismic survey in areas with heavy ice conditions requires deployment of ice-class vessels and use of additional equipment, which enables deployment of streamer cables under the ice cover.

Work season in freezing waters lasts from two to five months. Seismic survey for industrial purposes has never happened before in high latitudes of the Arctic. Hence, traditional marine seismic survey under the conditions of freezing seas is technically infeasible, high-risky and cost demanding.

CDB ME "Rubin" developed an advanced technology of robotic seismic survey by a group of autonomous unmanned underwater vehicles (AUV) that can operate in freezing waters. This robotic system consists of a single or multiple sets of technical means for launch/recovery of a group of AUV-Receivers (i.e. AUVs that receive reflected seismic signals) and AUV-Emitter (i.e. AUV that emits seismic signals).

Main advantages of the system:

  • all-year-round operation under heavy ice conditions or extreme wave conditions
  • employment of traditional (proven) methods of processing of seismic survey results and alternative methods that take into account the specifics of geological structure of the Earth's crust

Main particulars of the system:

  • stowage of AUV-Receivers and AUV-Emitter in standard transportation containers providing conditions for their storage, maintenance, recharging of batteries and programming seismic survey missions
  • a single set is composed of 200 AUV-Receivers accommodated in a transportation container and one AUV-Emitter accommodated in a separate transportation container
  • launch/recovery of sets of seismic survey means is controlled from a control station located on the vessel that carries the system


AUV-emitter data sheet


AUV-receiver data sheet