AUV Yunona

 The Yunona Autonomous Underwater Vehicle is designed for the following missions:

  • Search (including rescue operations)
  • Mapping, topographic surveys, sea bottom profiling (including shallow waters)
  • Exploration of water areas (measurements of temperature and sound velocity, and identification of temperature thresholds)

Basic features:

  • Compact size and small weight allow for transportation and operations without special crane facilities
  • Modular design for fast re-configuring to adjust for specific missions
  • Flexibility: broad application range (including replaceable modules and additional equipment)
  • Deployment from any vessel including small boats and watercraft, offshore facilities and jetties or bare shoreline
  • High-precision inertial navigation system enables accurate position finding when submerged
  • High speed and manoeuvring parameters
  • Functional independence from the support vessel
  • Control and tracking facilities with an intuitive interface

Standard package includes:

  • Side-scan sonar
  • Digital photo and video camera
  • GLONASS/GPS system
  • Parametric sub-bottom profiler
  • Doppler log
  • Inertial Navigation System
  • Sound velocity sensor
  • Pressure and temperature sensor
  • Sonar modem (with emergency transponder beacon capability)
  • Hydroacoustic Navigation System
  • Wi-Fi antenna
  • Radio communication antenna
  • Control equipment and onshore facilities: water-proof computer with pre-loaded AUV control software, charging device, shipping container etc.

Optional equipment:

  • Reserve power supply module
  • Module for payload customization

Main Performance Characteristics:

Operating depth, m1000
Maximum submerged speed, m/s 3,0
Cruising submerged speed, m/sот 1,0 до 1,5
Maximum range, kmup to 30
Endurance, hrup to 6
Length, m2,90
Diameter, mm200
Weight, kg87