AUV Vityaz-D is designed for:

  • Search and research missions in seabed layer and on World's ocean bottom within a range of depths of up to 12000 meters
  • Elaboration of AUV production technologies and materials for future AUV systems designed for operation in extremely deep waters of the ocean

AUV components:

  • Autonomous Unmanned Underwater Vehicle Vityaz-D for ultradeep diving (UDD AUV)
  • Bottom sonar communication and navigation station
  • Shipboard control equipment

Basic features of the System:

  • Structural configuration that enables operations throughout the whole range of ocean depths up to ultimate ones
  • AUV positioning system ensures navigational positioning in the given area at ultimate depths
  • Implementation of design and technology solutions enables AUV deployment and diving to maximum depth with minimum power consumption

Computing and measuring equipment, computer vision means and navigation aids:

  • Side-scan sonars
  • UHD digital photo and video system
  • Satellite navigation and radio communication system
  • Doppler log
  • Echo sounding system
  • Navigation and communication sonar system
  • Environmental parameters sensing system
  • Wi-Fi channel hardware
  • Shipboard and auxiliary equipment

Main specifications of UDD AUV:

Length, m5.7
Diameter, m1.3
Weight, t5.7
Maximum diving depth, mup to 12000


AUV Vityaz data sheet