Marine robotic systems offer highly efficient solutions for various marine applications including:

  • Search and survey of sunken objects, inspection of underwater facilities and communications
  • Geological survey (topography surveys, photo and video recording of sea bottom, acoustic profiling and sea bottom mapping)
  • Support of underwater operations (pipe and cable laying on sea bed, maintenance of surveillance systems and systems of underwater observation etc.)
  • Oceanographic surveys and aquatic environment ecological monitoring
  • Provision of safety of offshore oil and gas facilities
  • Setting-up of integrated systems for underwater navigation

Presently, CDB ME Rubin is the leading Russian company in the field of construction of marine robotic systems. We are successfully enhancing traditions of marine robotics that have been evolving in Russia for a few decades. In cooperation with Russian companies and research institutions, CDB ME Rubin is capable of implementing the entire production cycle of robots for marine applications, i.e. development, manufacture, testing and delivery to the Customer.

Long-term experience of CDB ME Rubin in creation of unique objects in other market segments has been materialized in marine robotic systems produced by the company.

Our product portfolio includes robotic systems based on unmanned underwater vehicles of various classes, equipment for vehicle deployment from carriers and objects of shore infrastructure required for their operation. The market of AUV segment is rapidly evolving and so are we as the company gives highest priority to enhancement of its expertise and expansion of its product portfolio, development and adoption of innovative technologies for unmanned underwater vehicles and their systems, development of new structural materials.

High quality of marine robots designed in CDB ME Rubin is ensured by the effective production system backed by end-to-end process of design, component production and assembly of robotic systems.

The configuration of marine robotic systems produced by CDB ME Rubin ensures simple and easy deployment for various missions even under extreme conditions.