Environmental Technologies

Since the early 1990s, Rubin has been involved into the development and implementation of environmental protection technologies. The actions are focused on:

  • protection of sea environment against oil and oil product pollution;
  • development of engineering equipment to maintain environmental cleanliness.

Equipment for Applying Oil Spill Sorbent

Biological sorbents are the most practical for the elimination of oil spills on water when the polluting surface film is 0.1 to 3 mm thick.

The plant for granular sorbent application is meant to contain spilled oil and its subsequent skimming. With the plant, oil spreads can be cleaned up from water surface and coastal lands or from road surfaces as well. A special part is the device which produces a "water tube" and applies the sorbent onto the oil spread.

Main advantages are:

  • fast and effective clean-up of oil spills with minimum  sorbent discharge;
  • accurate and even sorbent application from 40 to 50 m distance;
  • easy control and maintenance.



Marine Oily Water Separators

Separators are meant to clean oily waters onboard commercial and naval ships, areas of operation unlimited.

Implemented design solutions ensure high oil removal efficiency.

The separators meet the requirements set by Rules for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping, and by IMO Resolutions МЕРС.60(33) МЕРС 107(49). The use of separators ensures compliance of oily water effluents to International MARPOL 73/78 Convention regulations and Naval Environment Protection Rules.

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