Floating power unit

From the early 1990s, Rubin did the studies for various designs of low-capacity nuclear power plants with naval propulsion reactors: an underground nuclear plant and floating power plants on a nuclear submarine platform. Among them, there are also floating thermoelectric nuclear power plants with a floating power unit at the core; the complete plant would be constructed at a shipyard and shipped to its operation site by water.

Rubin came up with a technical proposal for a floating power unit with a new-generation nuclear plant Ritm-200M.

The floating power unit is to be operated as a part of the power station to supply electrical power to onshore power grids. At the rated duty, electric output of the power unit will be 95 MW.

The unit is designed for operation in a wide environmental range, from the Arctic climate to the Tropical. The floating power unit is a non-propelled moored double-bottom and double-hull vessel with an extensive superstructure.

Floating Power Unit. Principal dimensions

Length, m


Beam, m


Draught, m


Depth, m


Displacement, t

10 146

Specified lifetime for the floating power unit is 40 years with annual maintenance and repairs for main equipment. Medium overhaul and docking is to be done once in 10 years. During the overhaul, core refueling is also done.

The unit, fully packaged and with the reactor cores fueled is towed or shipped by a barge to the operation site.