Sea Launch

Extensive expertise and knowledge accumulated by Rubin with complex marine systems was successfully used for the first in the world’s history sea-based space launch complex.

The main purpose of the project is to service spacecraft launch  from the mobile sea-based launching platform. The sea-based section of the system consists of the Odyssey Launch Platform and Assembly and Command Ship.

The platform houses the launch complex with all auxiliary equipment required to erect and fuel the rocket. Rocket launching from the platform with semi-submerged draft displacement greater than 50000 t is automated and remotely controlled from the Assembly and Command Ship stationed several kilometres from the platform.

The Assembly and Command Ship is fitted for integrated checks of the rocket and booster, fuelling the booster module with high-boiling gas and fuel components, and rocket assembly. The ship also performs functions of the launch control centre when the rocket is prepared and launched: there is the mission control centre for the booster section, and telemetry reception and processing.

Rubin was commissioned for the project to provide the marine use of the equipment previously used only for launching rockets from land-based space launching sites. Expertise and high professionalism of the Rubin specialists made it possible in a very short time - about a year - to produce working drawings for installation and mounting of mechanical and electronic equipment in the rocket section. In accordance with Rubin's design documents, over 3,000 tons of equipment was installed in 50 compartments on the launching platform and about 1,100 tons in 43 compartments on the Assembly and Command Ship. The tests of numerous systems and machinery for rocket maintenance and launch preparation were prepared and conducted with Rubin's specialists involved.