Tourist Submarines

In 1988, Rubin started works on tourist submarines. Detailed design of the first Russian tourist submarine Neptun was completed in 1989.  Construction at Sevmashpredpriyatie was completed in 1991.  After the trials the tourist submarine was operated at Antigua Island (Lesser Antilles).

Taking into account the Neptun's experience in production and operation, in 1994 Rubin engineered the Sadko tourist submarine. The Sadko was constructed at the Petrozavod in St Petersburg and launched in June, 1997. The trials became a proof to highly efficient design solutions. The submarine was first operated at Saint Lucia Island, and after 2001 at Cyprus.

Extensive experience and state-of-the-art solutions in engineering secured excellent performance characteristics combined with complete safety in operation and comfort for passengers.

The Sadko's operational safety is ensured by compliance to international requirements for vehicles of this class, and also by extended safety margin of the hull and major structures including portholes, by positive buoyancy in all sailing regimes, and by the tightness check system. All-electric drives with no hydraulics are installed to improve environmental safety, and advanced manoeuvrability allows tours which do not affect underwater flora and fauna, including corals.